Top 14 Places to visit in Canberra - Australia

by Camelia Childs

14 places to see in Canberra


Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is a mine of cultural treasures. This beautiful city between Sydney and Melbourne, is carefully crafted with long stretching green belts and geometric designs. It is ranked as the world’s most livable city and offers a stunning lifestyle. Canberra is famous for its award winning restaurants, museums embedded with histories and paradisiacal natural beauty. The city is full of surprises and when touring through this largest inland city of Australia, there are endless number of things to do one after the other. Check out this guide to find some key highlights of this sparkling city.




#1 Australian War Memorial

australian war memorial Canberra

It commemorates the wars of Australia and is an excellent museum and a gallery.



#2 New Parliament House

new parliament house Canberra

It is a marvel of modern architecture and shaped in the form of boomerang.



#3 Museum of Australian Democracy

museum of australian democracy Canberra

This museum represents the political structure of Australia. One can gather the knowledge about the Prime Ministers of Australia. (Old Parliament House)

#4 Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin

The beautiful lake is the masterpiece of Canberra and occupies the city’s center. It is one of the key highlights of the city due to its waterfront paths and park-fringed shores.




#5 National Gallery of Australia

It is the largest collection of art in Australia and possesses the most beautiful paintings, décor, sculpture, costumes, ceramics, etc.



#6 Questacon- The National Science & Technology Center

Questacon- The National Science & Technology Center

Questacon features the marvels of science and technology and is great place to visit for families and children. It seeks to promote the better understanding of science facts.



#7 National Portrait Gallery of Australia

This gallery displays fascinating portraits of Australia’ influential people including the shakers and movers who are brought back to life through the artistry of these paintings.



#8 National Library of Australia

This enormous library of Australia holds a collection of Australian manuscripts, newspapers, documents and books. It is built in a Greek temple style with the use of marble and travertine.



#9 Mount Ainslie Lookout

mount ainslie lookout Canberra

It is 843 meter lookout that provides mesmerizing view of the city of Canberra. There are well planned driving and walking trails to head to the Mount Ainslie.




#10 Australian National Botanical Gardens

australian national botanical gardens Canberra

National Botanical Gardens extends up to 50 hectares on the slopes of Black Mountain. It specially features the exotic Australian Flora. Water dragons can also been spotted here.

#11 National Zoo and Aquarium

national zoo and aqaurium Canberra

t is the only combined zoo and aquarium in Australia and features almost all the species of animals and marine life. It is a must visit place for people who possess unbeatable love for animals.

#12 National Museum of Australia

national museum of australia Canberra

This thoughtfully crafted museum portrays the social history of the nation with beautiful views of the lake. The architecture of the museum is an art in itself.



#13 National Carillon

national carillon Canberra

The white Carillon tower was built by the British government on Canberra’s 50th birthday. This 50 m high tower incorporates 55 bronze bells. It is lit with beautiful lights at night. During the recitals, the music wafts across the surrounding lake.

#14 Black Mountain Nature Park

Black Mountain Nature Park

Black Mountain Nature Park has walking trails through the lush green bushes. A number of species of native birds and other fauna can be spotted. A climb to the Black Mountain Tower offers spectacular panoramic views of the whole city.