Top 14 Places to see in Perth - Australia

by Camelia Childs

14 places to visit in Perth


The city of Perth is situated on the interface where the land meets the south coast. It brims with the beautiful beaches and wonderful national parks and sanctuaries. Perth caters to the wide range of tastes and interests of tourists coming from the countries across the globe. There are a number of fun activities like kayaking and snorkelling which can be explored in the city of Perth.




#1 Yanchep National Park

yanchep national park Perth

The national park is rich in the variety of flora and fauna and is an ideal place to spend some quality time with family amidst nature.



#2 Swan Valley

swan valley Perth

It is the oldest wine region in Australia. The area can be toured by walking, cycling or driving. The air is fresh due to the surroundings filled with nature and fertile lands.



#3 Caversham Wildlife Park


This wildlife park is nothing less than pure delight for the animal lovers. It is a house to many koalas and penguins that force you to add this wildlife park to your itinerary.

#4 Perth zoo

Perth zoo

This zoo is greatly visited by the tourists because of its attractive lush gardens, natural beauty and beautiful display of the wildlife variety.




#5 Rottnest Island

rottnest island Perth

It is a popular holiday destination in the western Australia and is famed for its crystal clear turquoise waters. With its sparkling white sand, it offers breathtaking views.



#6 Fremantle Prison

fremantle prison Perth

It is a 15 acre prison listed as a World Heritage site. It attracts huge groups of visitors from near and far. It is known for its intriguing architecture adored with history.



#7 Scitech

scitech Perth

Scitech is a center of engaging and educational science and technology. The building’s architecture is built by renowned World class artists and its safe environment makes it a must visit place in Perth.



#8 Bathers Beach

bathers beach Perth

Bathers Beach is a relatively small beach but that in no way lessens the beauty of this beach. It offers a very peaceful and secluded vibe and the breathtaking views of dark blue waters are purely mesmerising.



#9 Fremantle Markets

fremantle markets Perth

It is a perfect place to grab some authentic Australian produce and handicrafts. It is known to be serving the local people of Australia and tourists since the year 1897.




#10 Coogee Beach

coogee beach Perth

It is affectionately called Sydney’s seaside village and a great place to chill with family. The beach is packed with World’s renowned cafes, pubs and restaurants. It also offers some surfing lessons for those who like to add flavours of adventure to their trip.



#11 Elizabeth Quay

elizabeth quay Perth

It is the most successful cultural place adding much glam to the city of Perth. There are a number of attractions that include inlets, islands and landscape grounds that are stunning enough to make Elizabeth Quay, an unmissed experience.

#12 Cottesloe Beach

cottesloe beach Perth

This beach is best enjoyed by trying some adventure sports like snorkelling and surfing or just sipping a drink while gazing into the picturesque and crystal waters. It offers some really delicious food also.



#13 Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

shoalwater islands marine park Perth

It is literally the best place to watch over marine life and dive into the waters. The water here is as clear as glass. If you are lucky enough, then you may even spot some bottlenose dolphins jumping in and out of water.



#14 Scarborough Beach

scarborough beach Perth

Windsurfing and kite surfing are some popular sports which can be enjoyed on this beach in the breezing afternoon. Beach cricket is also a popular game played especially on this beach.