Top 14 Places to visit in Adelaide - Australia

by Camelia Childs

Top 14 places to see in Adelaide


The elegant city of Adelaide is situated between the south coast of Australia and the ranges of Mount Lofty. The capital city of South Australia is proudly adored with magnificent mansions and huge public buildings. Amidst the nature, Adelaide is truly admired for its fine museums, galleries, gardens and restaurants. Most importantly, this city offers stunning views of sparkling beaches and landscapes.




#1 North Terrace

It is a beautiful boulevard lined by handsome trees. North Terrace reflects the abundant treasure of the culture of the city.



#2 Adelaide Botanical Gardens

This place possesses plants themed with education such as medicine, Mediterranean gardens and other native species of Australia.



#3 Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

It is one of the finest art galleries in Australia and represents all the art forms one can ever think of, ranging from sculptures to paintings and jewellery.

#4 Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide oval is a huge stadium and an important attraction to know history. Founded in 1871, this stadium has hosted up to 16 different sports including archery, hockey, tennis, etc.




#5 South Australian Museum

south australian museum Adelaide

This museum in South Australia is well known for hosting the Aboriginal heritage collections. The museum is praised for its admirable artifacts such as Pacific cultures and Egyptian antiquities.



#6 State Library of South Australia

Mortlock Wing, State Library of South Australia Adelaide

This library is like a time machine. It makes the visitors step back in time and leave them awe spired. The books are stacked in neatly bound wooden shelves and ladders are there to reach high above.



#7 Glenelg


Glenelg is a seaside village and a best escape from the bustling city. Visitors can enjoy some quality time in seclusion here and also meditate for a while.



#8 Adelaide Zoo

adelaide zoo

Who doesn’t love Pandas? This zoo hosts some giant pandas as the stars of this place. It is a petting zoo where visitors can interact with the fluffy and feathery animals.



#9 Victoria Square

victoria square Adelaide

Situated in the heart of the city, it is one of the major key highlights of Adelaide. Statues of Queen Victoria and some other ancient buildings are well preserved here.




#10 Port Adelaide

As the name suggests, Port Adelaide is a waterfront tourist destination with a number of cafes, museums and well preserved buildings.



#11 Migration Museum

migration museum Adelaide

This museum reflects immigration history dating back to three centuries. Visitors can have a deep insight in the process of evolution of Australia with the help of immigrants.

#12 Barossa Valley and Clare Valley

Barossa Valley and Clare Valley

It is a huge plethora of flavors and foods making is a perfect haven for the foodie in you. Also, there are numerous culinary schools, galleries and museums. It is one of the oldest grape regions in Australia.



#13 Fleurieu Peninsula

fleurieu peninsula Adelaide

It is one of the most beautiful and popular coastal areas in Australia. Some great restaurants and attractions are nearby where you can see whales and penguins dwindling around.



#14 Hahndorf

hahndorf Adelaide

Hahndorf is one of the oldest German settlements in Australia. Situated in the lush green Adelaide hills, it has streets lined with trees and half-timbered houses.