Top 14 Places to visit in Sydney - Australia

by Camelia Childs

14 fantastic places to visit in Sydney


Sydney is the oldest, biggest and the most beautiful of all the Australian cities. It has a fabled history which is uniquely represented in its beautifully crafted museums. Despite being the oldest, it still brims with the excitement and energy of the settlers here.




#1 Sydney Opera House

sydney opera house

The Sydney Opera House is inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and a key attraction of the harbor. It has a magnificent structure built on a thin stretch of land surrounded by water.



#2 Sydney Harbor Bridge

sydney harbor bridge

It is the World’s largest steel arch bridge and supported by enormous double piers at each end. Two railway lanes and eight lanes for road traffic runs along the entire length of the bridge.



#3 The Rocks

the rocks Sydney

The Rocks is a historic area which was once home to Gadigal Aboriginal people and later one turned into the first site for European settlement. Today, 100 heritage sites jostle along the narrow streets of the Rocks.

#4 Darling Harbor

darling harbor Sydney

It is a waterfront pedestrian location packed with shops, restaurants and entertainment avenues. It also hosts the very famous Madame Tussauds.




#5 Queen Victoria Building

queen victoria building Sydney

More than 200 shops line the gallery of the building. It has to be admired for its stained glass and windows. Its crown is surrounded by a high central dome and 20 smaller domes.



#6 The Sydney Tower Eye

the sydney tower eye

The Sydney Tower Eye is 309 meters high and therefore, it became the tallest tower in the city. It offers a breathtaking view of the entire city.



#7 Sydney Beaches

sydney beaches

Sydney is greatly famous for its beaches. The harbor shelters many coves with calm and blue waters with shimmery sand.



#8 Barangaroo Reserve

It is a marvellous example of urban renewal. It is a home to more than 75,000 trees and shrubs, tracks for cycling and walking and a plethora of entertainment places.



#9 Taronga Zoo

taronga zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo offers an insight into the lives of iconic Australian animals and those from across the world. Also, it provides a stunning view of Sydney’s skyline.




#10 George Street

george street Sydney

It is the oldest street in Australia and therefore, it is one of the city’s major traffic arteries. Most of the offices, blocks and buildings are situated on this street.



#11 Hyde Park

hyde park Sydney

Hyde Park is a hub of lush lawns, flowers, fountains and shady picnic spots. It is nothing less than a central park.

#12 Art Gallery of New South Wales

art gallery of new south wales

It is one of the most distinguished art museums. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is surrounded by beautiful parklands. It also sources Australia’s largest collection of aboriginal arts.



#13 St. Mary’s Cathedral

st. mary's cathedral Sydney

It is an iconic symbol of spiritual beginnings in Australia. Sunlight casts beautiful patterns after passing through the stained glass windows of the cathedral.



#14 Chinatown

chinatown Sydney

It is a mini China situated in Australian city of Sydney. Here you can taste mouth watering flavours of Szechuan spices and authentic chinese items. Yum Cha is a popular pastime of Chinatown.