Top 14 Places To Visit in Varna, Bulgaria

by Madlenstoyanova

14 of the Best Places to Explore in Varna, Bulgaria

Are you dreaming of a summer retreat in a place with beautiful beaches, golden sand, good food, and lots of entertainment? Well, look no further! We have crafted a list of 14 amazing places for you to visit when you find yourself in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria—Varna.



#1 Sea Garden

Sea Garden-varna

The Sea Garden is truly an emblem of Varna—loved by both locals and tourists. This large park, offering breathtaking scenery and lots of entertainment, runs parallel to the seashore. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, walking next to flowerbeds in the shade of palm trees.


#2 Cubo


Situated right on the beach, this bar/café is the first place every local will tell you to visit. The atmosphere in Cubo is one of a kind— tables in the sand, great music, chill people, amazing view, and a very experienced bar staff.


#3 Cape Galata

Cape Galata-varna

Galata is a panoramic site that reveals a breathtaking view of the city and the Black Sea. No matter if you go there for a sunrise, sunset, or to see the night lights of Varna, the view will never disappoint you. If you visit Galata with a loved one, make sure to lock a padlock to the railings so that your love is sealed forever.


#4 The Port of Varna

The Port of Varna has been turned into an attractive pedestrian alley, filled with restaurants, night clubs, and cafés. A lot of significant cultural and sport events take place there. During the summer, there is an amusement park with a Ferris wheel that provides a gorgeous view of the city.



#5 Open Air Cinema

If you are passionate about cinema, you will definitely enjoy Varna’s open air cinema. In the summer after it gets dark, you can watch the newest movies under a starry night sky. Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of falling stars, too!


#6 Asparuhov Bridge

The Asparuhov Bridge in Varna is a very desired destination for bungee jumpers. It is 52 meters high with a water canal passing beneath it. Even if you are not into extreme sports, the 360-degree panoramic view of Varna, the lake, and the sea, will be a prize enough for you.


#7 Singing Fountain

During the evening, the singing fountain of Varna becomes alive—with dancing colorful lights and beautiful melodies. With its impressive 40-meter jets, this fountain is the tallest singing fountain in Bulgaria! 52 pumps and numerous lights create impressive combinations to the music.


#8 Varna Cathedral

Varna Cathedral

The “Dormition of the Mother of God” Cathedral is a majestic church with beautiful copper domes that you often see on postcards. It is gorgeous not only on the outside but also on the inside! If you visit this landmark during a summer weekend at noon, you will often see newlyweds and hear the wonderful songs of wedding bells.


#9 Stone Forest

Stone Forest-varna

Petrified Forest or Stone Forest is a place straight out of a fairytale. This natural phenomenon has amazed many scientists who cannot give a specific explanation of how exactly the stones formed. The Stone Forest is a field of stone pillars, mounting up to 10 meters. This place is also the only desert in Bulgaria!



#10 Pasha Dere

Pasha Dere, Varna, Bulgaria

Pasha Dere is considered to be one of the most beautiful wild beaches on the Black Sea Coast. There is a forest area behind the long beach strip that is perfect for a nice picnic with friends. The sea water is clean and full of sea life. If you are a fan of isolated beaches and camping, definitely visit Pasha Dere!


#11 Wake Park Varna

Wake Park Varna

Located on the central beach, Wake Park Varna is the place for all fans of action sports and alternative culture. Wake Park offers lessons in wakeboarding and the possibility to rent a surf or a kayak.


#12 Botanical Garden

This huge eco park has 300 species of exotic trees and bushes, 250 species of iris and 30 rose species. During the summer, the rose garden is especially beautiful and romantic! There are fire pits everywhere so you can have a nice barbecue with your family.


#13 Coastal Alley

Coastal Alley-varna

Varna’s coastal alley is a must see- numerous restaurants, bars, cafés, night clubs, and beaches. There is something for everyone!


#14 Sevastopol

Sevastopol -varna

Sevastopol is considered the heart of the city. It is full of shops, restaurants, bars, and basically everything you might ever need! Just stroll through the streets and admire the old buildings and interesting people.