14 Fantastic Places To Visit In New Jersey

By Chris_Jenny – New Jersey

14 Fantastic Places To Visit In New Jersey, US.
Regardless of the size of the state, New Jersey is a top-rated tourist attraction. Perhaps it is so because
of its outstanding natural beauty, historical sites, beautiful museums, or the state’s 130 miles of Atlantic
Coast. The state is also a fantastic base to sight all the attractions of New York City. Beautiful as it is, it is
best experienced in person. Here are 14 fabulous places to visit in New Jersey.

1. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The Delaware Water Gap National Area is a protected spectacle of a 40-mile stretch of water along the
border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, covering over 70,000 acres. This recreational area has
numerous points of access and service by two centers for visitors: Kittatinny Point Visitor Center
(magnificent view, diverse exhibits, and Appalachian Trail access point); and Millbrook Village, a 19th –
century community recreation with traditional crafts displays. At Delaware Water Park, you can also
enjoy kayaking, fishing, canoeing, swimming, and camping.

2. Atlantic City and Board Walk

Atlantic City is popularly known for its famed Boardwalk. The 4-mile-long Boardwalk was constructed in
1870 and is one of the main attractions of tourists. Steel Pier is one of its most popular spots for tourists.
It is a carnival-fashion amusement park with rides for kids and adults. It has a huge observation wheel
coupled with climate-structured gondolas that provides riders of fantastic views of the ocean and the
city. Other fun alternatives to the famous Boardwalk include the historic electric tram, bike rentals, or
rickshaw-like rolling chairs. The Boardwalk Hall is also used as a venue to host the finals for Miss

3. Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park covers 1,212 acres of the waterside. It overlooks Liberty Island, Upper New York Bay,
and Ellis Island (location of the Statue of Liberty). Asides the fantastic views, the park has several
highlights of its own, such as a designated nature preserve of 36-acre tidal salt marsh. The park is home
to several monuments and memorials, such as dedication to the Holocaust, Liberation, and memorial
steel wall enlisting the names of all the victims of 9/11 with ties to New Jersey. The park is also for
picnics, kayaking, fishing, and cycling.

4. The Adventure Aquarium

The Adventure Aquarium is a popular family attraction on the Delaware River. It is regarded as one of
the best aquatic educational amenities in the US. The Aquarium is home to over 8,500 marine life,
including a massive collection of sharks, penguins, sea turtles, and stingrays. More exciting is that it is
the only Aquarium in the world with life hippos. The Aquarium also permits visitors to meet some of the
animals up close, including sea turtles, African penguins, and an in-water rendezvous with stingrays and

5. Princeton and Battlefield State Park

Princeton town owes most of its reputation to its university and research institutes, with the Institute of Advanced Study, location of Albert Einstein’s final work. The 1,600 acres of school ground established in 1756 is a fantastic destination to tour. Another one of the town’s historic locations in the Princeton Battlefield is the State Park. It’s a 200-acre site of the 1777 Battle of Princeton, which led to the British defeat by Washington.

6. Battleship New Jersey

The mammoth New Jersey, the United States’ most decorated vessel, is now transformed into a floating
museum on the Delaware River. The tour guide includes tours of the infamous Iowa-class ship, which
was launched in 1942 and recognized as one of the most massive battleships. In the boat, there are
highlights of several displays and artifacts exhibits related to the battleship’s involvement in WWII down
to the conflicts of the 1980s in the Middle East. A night on the ship is like the twilight of age-long battles.

7. Cape May Country Park and Zoo

The Cape May Country Zoo is another popular attraction for families, perhaps for it just being a Zoo that
takes free admission. The country park offers several recreational facilities that are open and free to the
public, including biking and hiking trails, volleyball and tennis court, a disc golf course, and several other
outdoor areas for game. The zoo, established in 1978, has grown to accommodate native and exotic

animals. Among these species is the African lion, the bald eagle, giraffe, zebra, ring-tailed lemur, and
many more. You can always sign up for a free and guided visitors tour to enjoy watching these animals.

8. Grounds For Sculpture

If you are a nature and art lover, you wouldn’t like to miss the impressive Grounds for Sculpture. Located
in Hamilton’s town is the 42-acre Sculpture and Museum Park, established in 1992 to promote
contemporary sculpture. It is known as one of the state’s boastful exhibits of arts ranging from the
works of Seward Johnson to other numerous US artists. It is incredibly landscaped with several
flowerbeds and trees. Also, the Jersey City Museum is the collection of over 300 paintings, including a
massive permanent collection of the region’s historical artifacts.

9. Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center is a fascinating facility for kids in Liberty State Park. This fun science museum
provides several impressive hands-on displays and exhibits relating to science and technology. The
recently installed planetarium conducts habitué shows exploring the outer space, with a myriad of films
and awesome laser shows that envelop the audience. The center also engages in interactive exhibits
such as a pixel art wall and the Infinity Climber.

10. Morey’s Piers

The water park and amusement park ate Morey&’s Piers extends through six blocks along the sandy
beach on the shore of Cape May. Since 1968 with a concession stand and waterslide, Morey brothers
expanded the park throughout the past five decades with a legacy as the creators of one of the US’s best
parks. At Morey’s, there are rides for all ages, such as kiddie, tilt-a-whirl, 156-foot Ferris wheel, and
bumper cars.

11. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Whenever you choose to visit New Jersey, this is a must-see. It is the former laboratory and home of the
state&’s most popular son, Thomas Edison. The two structures in the park were where breakthrough
technologies such as sound recordings, batteries, and movie cameras occurred. Other highlights include
a vintage movie, a close-up look at the labs, and original artifacts, with a chance to see Glenmont,
Thomas Edison&’s amazing Queen Anne-fashion home, an excellently preserved 29-room mansion.

12. Old Victorian Cape May


Several attractions of Cape May were largely discovered by the rich in the 18 th and 19 th centuries when
the town enjoyed its popularity as a fashionable resort city. The town was so famous that six United
States presidents had summer houses here, majorly attracted by the same things driving tourists today:
Cape May Point Lighthouse, fine beaches, and its numerous handsome Victorian-fashion holiday homes.
Also impressive is the Yankee; a schooner of 80 feet offering whale-sighting and dolphin cruises and a
variety of harbor tours.

13. Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights is one of the beachside sites of New Jersey that covers a 16 by 4 block area by the beach, which is greatly popular as a tourist attraction location. There are souvenir shops, amusement piers, arcades and low key dining highlights. One of the best periods to visit this amazing place is during summer as you can also enjoy firework displays and free movies on the beach.

14. Allaire State Park

Allaire State Park

This beautiful park is part of the NJ Coastal Heritage Route and offers serene walks that include incredible scenery. The State Park is also well famous for its 19th century resorted iron works. There are several picnic and charcoal grills areas that make an excellent base for a few hours of peaceful serenity.